All over the place! But, something doesn’t quite add up. Thoughts have been omniscient in nature, yet a God I am not. So many variables to subtract in such algebraic situation where I try finding why my Ex truly left me to rot. Maybe, my ‘pot’ became too thin…Dollars going up in smoke the more I delve into Unknowns. Sanity’s weeded out by the way her truths rolled off of her tongue, nice and blunt. But, one thing’s for sure! She gives a spark to my soul so much so, that I burn the thought of her the same way I singe my own blunt into ashes, blown away into Oblivion…What is the Oblivion, though? This state of Hypomnesia where I’ve forgotten who my past self was for so long, until now? Only as much curiosity for something to think of What, but not Feel…Because, there has to be a reason why she fled. A reason why she escaped the arms of a man she once believed would protect her regardless of the matter? Why not forget a version of myself who could not avoid Death by His own bare hands?I don’t know. Mind’s all over the place! A bit frustrated I am when looking into the mirror, but who am I to use the ignorance of others as an excuse to deny myself of who I truly am? Just, a Man. A man looking for love, even if I have to find it for myself this time around.My cause celebre, of all things…

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