Concrete Rosez

I just want to yell!
Get it all out and escape this hell!
I have trapped myself in.
Harder to admit no matter how easy it may look,
As I’m finally climbing out of the hole I fell into…

I miss what a hug from a true friend feels like!
Just don’t know what to do this very moment I am realizing,
What truly matters most.
Time spent with loved ones before that call from God,
Telling us we all need to go…

Fortunate or not,
My soul’s still here with no choice but to reside on Earth.
Waking up on a plane of existing where I risk my life by dragging it through piles of dirt,
Underlaid beneath concrete.
Kind of like how we are with each other when we deny the moment to let God speak.
Shoveling a bunch of lies in front of what would sprout seeds.
Of roses we are all meant to be…
Past what hardens our hearts in the face of defeat…

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