Older I Get

Better get this money,
Some honeys,
Guns for you to start bucking,
Everybody hating by the hundreds…

A motto,
Many live by.
Won’t swallow their pride,
Trying to get by.
Packing a hollow,
For anyone solid without an eye for a model,
Nor a bottle…

“I’m high!…”
All over their mind,
When I wouldn’t share mine.
As a Man full of light,
Only coming from the most “high” while throwing up my peace signs…

Sticking around would’ve left me stuck in a grave.
Had to sit down on a different cloud where I, Pray.
Instead of filling a room with smoke when hunting for my prey!
What else can I say?

Keeping your life over selling a drug?
What would you choose if you’re begging for love?
There really wasn’t any when I was,
Holding a pack while glued to the Trap with a blunt in hand as I crushed.
Bud after bud realizing it wasn’t enough…

Older I get,
I only think about one thing.
Having a family,
Maybe a friend that’ll sing!
Words of God along with me while we reach.
For a happiness I haven’t been able to see…

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