Today & Tomorrow

Divination is futile with full control over Present time.
A power capturing events of the future as long as you have rule over your reactions in the face of temptations.
That’s what bothers me…

At times I feel as if I have no control.
Berating the Angel on my shoulder by giving in to my demons,
Entering a state of mind where I simply ask myself,
Why can’t I be silent when I need to,
Here and there…

It dawns on me every single time,
As I sift through memories of my past.
Where I was told to be quiet if I did not want imprints of my Mother’s leather belt on my back.
Where my Mother and Father locked me inside of his car for an hour while being cursed at,
As I watched them head upstairs,
Ready to kick back and relax.
Until it was time to face me again…

I can see why my inner child yells so often.
So sick and tired of being beaten by tyrants with a vision as blind as Hydras bobbing aimlessly through a sea empty of Light…

One day he realized and showed me how I was born with a shine only God could see.
How I make my own room dark every moment I shout and scream.
About atrocities my mind should avoid at all times,
By concealing the Light I speak!
Into existence away from anyone who syphons my dire need,
To bring happiness and peace!
Back into my tomorrows…

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