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Spilling One’s Gut 4 – Love Is Just, Love…

I don’t even know why I love you!
I do.
Even after 5 years of us breaking up,
As I try my best to live in my truths.
How I wasn’t perfect as a man drowned by his tears on the surface while surrounded by a noose!
What most would call family,
Suffocating me when reaching out for a piece of my mind,
Whether it’s my inner peace or fruits of labor from the talent God handed me!
For that?
I honor your existence instead of throwing any more dirt on your name.
After tripping over gravel kicked along my ways of life,
By “friends” and “family” who couldn’t see me shine!
Without being blinded by everything they wish to possess when witnessing my,
A smile still rising,
In thought of yours,
On a face I couldn’t face after realizing how and why I lost you.
After realizing how I drove myself off course on to a road where you were out of view!
The more I kept crashing through it.
Becoming useless!
Hoping Mary Jane held my hand to walk me through the truth of,
My wrong doings leading me astray from a love introducing my eyes to a different hue,
Besides the…
Blue I was too used to seeing every day I woke up and simply didn’t,
Want to…

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