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You’re Not Alone!

“You’re not alone!
You’re loved

Sick of such a cliché thought anytime I reach out for a hand full of love.
Love I know I’ve needed,
Can’t find the more I search for it in some weed and,
A thought killing me the more I think about it as I lay down,

I mean,
Why shouldn’t I?
Why shouldn’t I join hands with Mary Jane while I’m scrutinized,
For the help I’ve had to ask for to survive every putrid lie,
About how I broke to the scent of who was using my mind for a night out of town?
As if all I wanted was to take buds out of their shells to get a whiff of a life where I’m down and out?
Getting high,
So high!
Till I violently crash on the grounds,
Of a world I don’t want to be a part of as long as I’m still like this…

“You’re not alone!
You’re loved

From being told the same set of lies that aren’t pulling me back up from a cliff I’ve been hanging on this entire time!
Surrounded by a world expecting me to make that climb,
Without ever giving me a hand!
Entertainment for their prying eyes while I scrape and claw my way up to salvation as God helps me understand,
Strong I truly am…

“You’re not-“
Fooling me this time…
No one is…

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