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Burnt Toast

A miasma of deceit pervaded my mind as soon as she spoke.
Who am I to question where and who I chose to spend the night with.
Even if she were with someone else prior to our meeting,
I was captivated by the way her words flowed as I stood silent.
Listening to what she had to say as I kept on smiling with a heart rife with joy!
She let the cat out of her bag.
How Captain Morgan was by her side more than I can ever be.
How I didn’t satisfy her needs!
Nor seemed like the Man she would want to sweep her off her feet.
A little too,
Too much to drink,
While I tried drinking some to see how I’d feel,
Only to fall more in love with a set of eyes that couldn’t deal,
With my image as my heart split in two…

A toast to our second year together…


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