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Time To Stop The Party! (Repost

On some days,
There are no words.
A thought you don’t want to have,
Along a ball of angst ballooning inside of your chest,
Until it pops!
Takes you down with it,
As hope begins deflating slowly,
But surely.
The one moment your demons find worthy to dance together,
Hold hands and celebrate…

Their celebration ends when you decide to shut off their stereo sets,
When you strip their walls of each decoration you willingly put up yourself to begin with.
So fond they are of your cries and complaints.
How gigantic their smile is when replaying memories that make your watery eyes ache…

Take a deep breath.
Remove each piece of the party you have created for them.
One by one,
Sealing each crack in your heart where your tears leak out of.
Allowing that fluid to flow else where rather than exiting from the corners of your eyes.
Cleaning up may take a while,
Basking in silence?
Much more soothing versus every shriek of sorrow bursting your ear drums with darkness.
More Darkness.
More darkness…

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