Freewrite #29: Thinking Too Damn Much

Thinking yourself to death is completely, utterly possible. Some days, Life gets you so frustrated to the point where memories, what ifs and other countless thoughts race through your mind without a finish line in sight. And, you have no other choice but to deal with that ball of pain sitting in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #12: How Do You Remember Dreamz?

Moonshine saturates the middle of a canvas floating in a mind suffering a blackout.A limbo full of questions trapped inside thought bubbles slightly pierced through.Air flows out into an atmosphere tainted by a shade of blue revealing the shadows of our misdeeds... Why?Why did I do that in the first place?Why can't it all just... Continue Reading →

Sweet Memoriez

Do you remember me? Do you still have me in your memories, When you need a smile, A thought worth while! Or, Are you still sick of me?... I only ask because you're still in my mind. Haven't forgotten about that moment. Our hearts intertwined. So, I can only imagine that my image floats around... Continue Reading →

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