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Plastic World

Nothing really matters anymore,
In a City war-torn from all the trauma it doesn’t want to deal with anymore.
When I walk down the block on Broadway,
For some Chicharron you can see at Mambi’s cooking all day,
I shake my head at everybody putting up an act,
After being called to “action”…

I don’t want to waste my mother fucking time talking into deaf ears,
Only trying to keep a drink in their hands and A pill without a care about what’ll happen…

At least,
It’s how I feel,
As a Poet trying to deal,
With a World full of lies God won’t ever let you conceal.
Bringing all my truths to the forefront,
Just to have my own back in a jungle that’ll kill!
For being you…

Don’t mind me,
I’m just alone from the minute that I wake,
To the minute I escape,
Into dreams God told me to create!…

Don’t mind me,
I’m just fully grown nowadays,
With a will and a faith,
For a future I will see regardless of whatever hate coming my way…

There’s nothing anyone can say!
Alone in my corner while boxed in by everybody faking.
Everybody lacing me with lies I was tricked to embrace and,
Believe in.
Without good reason.
As I laid defeated in a grave surrounded by nothing but a leech and,
And a Beast devouring any soul it comes across…

This is for He who was on a cross.
Only one there for me,
While my – quote,
End quote – “friends” failed to give me props.
I mean,
I thought about it long enough I dropped them out of my circle.
I squared the facts,
And found that God is too real to use props elevating my rehearsals…

All I really needed was “Him” the whole time.
Why the fuck would I go back to anyone who got blinded by my own shine?…

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