Mangu Con Los Tres Golpes

Blood runs deep in the veins of every single Human being. Yet, Still feel like an Alien who doesn't belong on Earth's gorgeous grass flowing to the winds of every step I take... "Eh, Ten fi'ty Sir." " Even if it's 7 bucks for anyone who's darker than me... "Uhm, Gracias senior, Buen dias." A... Continue Reading →

Cricketz At The Dinner Table

So hard to write during moments like these. Where you sit at your dinner table, Gently poking away at some roasted chicken, White rice and a small container of half-eaten red beans. A cup full of Pepsi that's been sitting in the fridge for a while, Lost of its crisp travel down through your brittle... Continue Reading →

Weedz In A Bronx Jungle

Lines. All kinds. Ones you snort and stand behind of, Whether you're in pain or searching for something divine. Food for the mind. Food for the heart whenever agony strikes... But, I often wonder what I look for as a writer. Writing and riding on a high I'm fighting as a lifer. Sentenced, An imprisonment... Continue Reading →

Favorite Piece Of Chicken, Gone Bad

Only kind of side piece I like? The last piece of fried chicken from a hot, crunchy, heavenly side order of fried chicken tenders from Popeyes. A side piece I allow to flow down my esophaguas with a smile and chuck-full of pride, arriving into the inner depths of a happy-go-jolly stomach awaiting its prize.... Continue Reading →

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