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Freewrite #36: Tough Pillz

Tough pill to swallow when realizing she was never The One. But, how do you ever know? How can you ever tell when The One who occupies your heart and mind most is whom God wants you to run away from with your shoes tied as tightly as possible?

Belief. Does she believe in you? When she wakes up, does she see a man on his way to become King of his own world? Does she help nurture the atmosphere around you to be loving even after suffering any kind of defeat?

I had the blessing of the knowing on the day I tripped, fell, turned my heard around and saw nobody there after countless promises of never leaving my side. When I turned around to look to her, all I was able to witness was the pouring rain that eventually had drowned that “beast” I no longer am. But, a blessing in disguise it was…

Because I was reborn. I was reborn as a man looking up to God for the faith and hope she could never provide my soul under high levels of turbulence. A rebirth that coerced me to understand how The One will never leave under any circumstance. Why would she ever abandon who she believes will give their dreams every ounce of life they can? True love…

No matter what our demons like to make us think, true love still exists and will never become extinct. True love is for certainly out there for everybody, but, question is, are you ready and willing to show yourself that true love before anyone can show it to you in the first place?

Who knows…

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