Talking to other people is harder than it looks.
When you’re devoured by a need to change whether it be,
Your current scenery,
That same t-shirt you’ve worn for the past 4,
5 days,
Buying Sensodyne instead of Colgate after running out of toothpaste…

How are you?”

“I’m doing good/great,
I woke up today!”

Are you really doing good,
Just ignoring all of your pain?
Is this your way of living a lie?
To avoid a reality you won’t have to face,
As long as you wrap duct tape tight!
Around the mouths of your skeletons…
From shouting out each bleeding wound,
Still open with no choice in revealing them to the world around you…

So many with similar thoughts
I rather keep singular company at reach,
By kneeling and praying,
Extending each open palm to receive,
A real answer to the questions left unresolved deep,
Down inside…
Answers I can’t get from any one unless I pay a price,
In a world that feels like,
You can only make friends,
Face to face,
As long as you outshine their Darkness with a wrist full of ice! Problem is,
As a warmhearted individual residing in a cold world,
The willful detriment a few of us dream of?
Is something I will never provide.
It’s so hard soothing others when their heart hurts,
Yearn for their own demise.
That’s why I make sure!
To wipe off my own tears from my glossy eyes.
I mean,
What choice do I have if I am to survive this Tundra?
With a renewed faith in God,
There’s no way!
You will ever find me screaming,
Fuck love…”

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