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God Walks On My Tears

Sounds of heart monitors consume my ear canals as much as God,
Whenever It holds me in contempt.
You would think God Itself would be more accepting,
Rather than taking the role of your deathly Rosarian,
Laying it to rest how it really is.
I guess even “It” has its moments of hopelessness when you decide to leave God’s side.
Aren’t we attached to God no matter what we do?
When we fail,
Become angry,
Or joyous,
God’s name shrieks through all wrongs and rights we’ve seeded into Mother Earth’s soil,
Grown into the most gorgeous plants you can ever see.
You would never think that bacteria would grow a prettier leaf.
Every demon I’ve splattered on to each loose leaf,
Becoming a poem full of beauty,
And Redemption…

This time,
I can’t seem to find an alluring escape from this demented hysteria surrounding my happiness,
Ever since God has left.
Tiring it is to walk outside and see Poverty in the faces of humans,
Who bleed such as I do.
Then again,
With as much as I’ve been bleeding from open wounds,
It’s because I’ve looked at myself and felt an empty void…

In search of some sort of divinity,
I fall asleep and dream a life bigger than what it is present time.
Love myself a little more,
Hoping God comes back,
Since I’m meeting It half way.
And slowly,
But surely,
I do regain faith being with the image placed on my canvas.
God never leaves,
You just walk away at times,
Knowing that we damn well shouldn’t…

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