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A Price You Want To Pay

I hope that it was all worth it in the end!

When push came to shove?
I made ends meet while I tried everything to revive our,

Even if you kicked and shattered my Glass House,
Even if you picked me apart with your doubts,
I made it out of that cave of no return without a doubt!
Even as an odd ball who stood by his lonesome while shrouded by the kind of clouds,
No one wants to find themselves inside of,
Unless you’re looking for a high where the only way is,

Damn right!
I didn’t need you.
All I’ve done by chasing you?
Is feed you my insecurities,
While suffering the lynching of my character by everyone who wrote him off as an animal as lethal!
As every Truth swimming deep within their tears…

Should’ve known that losing my life was never an option.
Just a roadblock on a path I carved out with a pen as a sharp as the knife in your back pockets.
Never claimed to be a prophet,
Maybe I used to want to “die” because,
I learned how love towards men die,
In your eyes,
There is not enough profit…
Good thing I still died in the arms of a God with,
A heart brought back to life by change and a faith I’ve coined as the one price to pay!
If you ever plan to make it out of a state of mind full of nonsense!
“Broke” us apart…

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