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Just Looking For A Friend. Not Sex.

As a guy who’s strictly platonic with the women they sympathize with?
It’s so insulting being called a simp.
You must have my intentions confused if you think I desire sexual relationships!
I just,
Love conversation and,
Think of more than a night of tango when in front of women with,
Much more to offer than her naked body…

In a world where most are closed off,
I like undressing another’s soul and,
Bring down their walls in hopes I get to know them.
So many masks around,
It’s hard to tell who’s who while most refuse to be themselves and show it!
Once the mask comes off,
Risking your heart of any pain it can cause,
Just to hug another whenever you need a shoulder to lean on,
It all feels so much sweeter.
This life of ours…

A life that’s been so bitter on my side for far too long.
After one-night stands reminding me of countless days where I lonely.
I took a stand for myself and realized I only enjoy sex if I’m in love,
Or else I’ll just go back home with my head down and,
Take every hit Mary Jane can throw me…

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