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Sick and Tired!

Not really angry,
Ill and exhausted from,
Trying to control what I can’t control…

What Humans do to themselves!
Only to point fingers and ignite their own hellish realities into existence while,
Bystanders get burned.
By each spark searing holes through the surface of their,
Rotting hearts…

Isn’t it so annoying?
How we’ve lived for so long risking death with every step we’ve taken?
Just to go backwards and hide from a life where you can die by the same bullet you encase with,
The shell we’ve been provided?
Damn right it is!
Never will I mask how I feel while in crisis.
Nor grab the hand of a man trying to deal for my soul,
While expecting me to be quiet!

After many years fighting,
With myself about how I can change the mind of another lost in a lie and,
So much more than what I can mention.
Only solution I’ve found is to be silent,
And just,
Pray that they get the message…

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