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Take This Dance With Me

Alluring are those eyes resting beneath each curl of hair.
More like,
Coils wrapping my mind around the thought of moving them aside to,
Kiss those lips if you dare.
Is the way you flow with me inside of a world I conjure when I’m blowing trees,
Convincing you to go with me,
Into a world where I’m sewing these wounds closed for a chance to grow in peace…
Without any split ends…

It may seem gory to a point,
Who am I not to inspect,
Those who’ve left me stranded as I inject knives in the corners of my mind to cut off any friendship that isn’t divine?
Like your light.
Shining so bright off the twinkles in your pupils I can’t help but stare into all night…

What am I even thinking?
I can barely live past a day without blinking and getting a glimpse of whom stole my heart.
I want it give it to you,
The thought of her will not break apart from this thick headed skull going screws-loose…
For the sanity she swept from under my rug while acting like a “goodie two-shoes…”
Who knew,
That she would instill hope and break it again by striking me back into a lose-lose situation…

I stand tall no matter how far I was placed into hell by her rejection.
Leading me into a depression I never want to see until the day that I’m breathless.
Even if that’s how your smile left me that night where I met this,
Glittering Queen dancing all around the entrance of my soul,
When looking towards your way…

I mean,
Those lips are so seductive when you make them pucker up.
If only it was me in front of you to butter up mine with yours to commence this summer love.
After all,
You’ve made me hot and heavy, Underneath my blue skies where we’re rocking steady,
In thought.
A reality I’d love to manifest in the name of God while I feel that I’m ready,
To start a new journey…
Will you join me?

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