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To Love Anew

Thoughts roam without limits,
No matter if I tell them all to stay out of my business.
Every ounce of pain inside of each memory of my abandonment is way too vivid…
Why the fuck is the same picture popping up when I want to see different?
I’m livid!
But who am I kidding?
I’m doing the unthinkable,
4 years past 25 while I try to make these new bars visible.
Show the world where I’ve been imprisoned for the talent I was told to display so that I can ridicule,
The Devil in my mind…
When push came to shove,
I chose light!
To see what is in front of you,
When it’s so dark,
You have to love anew and go right!
Every wrong you’ve committed…
No one’s innocent within a Hell sparked by the fires in our systems,
Crumbling underneath each rigid soul over every lie they’ve been kickin’
Why in the world wouldn’t I rewrite my misdeeds and keep stomping on an image!
That’s no longer my reality…

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