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Freewrite #25: Until The End

Afternoons like these where my heart is filled with nothing but questions, particularly one all of us seem to ask at some point in our lives,


Keeps rattling my confused mind, as I have no idea why I’m thinking of such menacing question. This is just Me, anxiously sitting down in front of my laptop hoping that my emotions soothe out. Hoping that I can make it to the last sentence with a breath of fresh air rather than a wince or droplets of tears.

Because, it’s all I’ve ever known. A pen. A page. And “Her”, the only one who was ever allowed into my heart just to leave it while it was caught in rabid flames…

Days like these, lonely while the sun shines, remind me of every night I had to put fire out with countless gallons of ink and tears to help. Yet, I still smile when looking upon my horizon and its gleaming tint of violet. Because, regardless of what happens, the sun shines where darkness prevails. What surrounds my tunnel vision may be dark, but, it’s the light that shall steer me.

Until the end of time…

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