Freewrite #2: A New Day To Be Loved

So used to going through this Day without a single message from anyone I love.
I’d cry,
Like a Man too afraid to chase his dreams when Push comes to Shove.
Smiling even if my happiness and peace isn’t popular amongst others who’ve shown me conditional love…

Just because.
A new day,
A new week,
A new month to be loved!
By the Man staring at me inside of my mirror.
Something I couldn’t quite do,
Until I stood from the ground while refusing to be bitter.
Understanding the fruits of life?
I had to plant a set of seeds that inevitably differ!
From every Tree that kept me in Weeds clouding me from noticing the bigger picture…

A frame of mind I’ve fought so hard to achieve against all odds.
A mission I’ve been on with succession while I get even with a false God,
Regardless of multiple attempts of Him trying to make my ball drop,
Anywhere I court faith in The One that can’t ever be defeated!
In a world rotting by its own ignorance for no good reason…

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