The Most High

They said!
I wouldn’t be shit,
I’m here and I’m up,
Flipping a syllable with rhythms ridding a devil who climbs down,
To my shoulder with a smirk and a dirty plan worth his while,
And His only!

May not have the lamborghini with a shiny rollie.
A mansion full of bunnies hopping all around some OGs.
I’m full on faith while I’m sitting and loading a clip for the phony who owe me.
Give them a visual made from all their acting and the malice their upholding…

Nothing will ever be greater than the Most High!
Even if I’m really low,
I lay on the pedestal made for me to flow lines,
Amongst Clouds from all of the nights I cried,
Pouring down on a world that said I wasn’t worth,

The kind of lines I’m mentioning are not the rows of liquor deafening your mind…
Only the kind that’ll turn wine into water! Instead of complaining and whining,
Let Sobriety alter!
The road you choose to ride through with a prayer that’ll keep you on it longer…

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