First Thing In The Morning

The minute I wake up,
I’m having a wonderful day!
No matter the nightmares that no longer phase a,
Man who isn’t the same!
Crushing a bud in the name!
Of love I wasn’t able to feel until I got on my knees and prayed…I get it.
At times,
It isn’t easy to face the message,
God puts on your plate.
With how hungry you’ve claimed to be?
You asked for every seed that grew and landed on,
A table you wrongly set as a vagabond,
Making the whole Earth your home…You made an issue refusing to get through,
A single night on a bed you’ve made with tissue after tissue!
While you rest a pistol you believed would end you,
Inside of a pillow case you wouldn’t attend to…
A life on the rocks is not an excuse!
To ruin the lives of those who grew too tired to get you…Forget the coffee.
Smell the tea.
Get over it!
You’re worthy of a sober moment,
Full of peace!
Soak it in!…Soak it in!
Hold it inside and,
Never let it go.
Let it show,
Matters of the soul,
Gathered in a poem,
After you atone!
Spurious acts each time you decided to step out of your character and,
Be what you were not…

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