Alone On The Seesaw

I now see what He saw back then.
The seesaws that tip side to side for the right balance.
Swings of Life changing every way we thought,
From the last moment to the next,
Only rehashing,
A past most of us seek to fix.
I’d know coming from a glass house cracked by drinks and ‘spliffs’.
Spent much time running from what dragged out demons with,
Pure vengeance…

Vengeance on a man who’s undergone rebellion and repentance.
Through sentences,
Bars only He can manifest through cognitive conceptions.
Watered by trials and tribulations solely endured by those whom suffered through them,

The type refusing to court opinions of Devils whom judge me based off their own iniquities.
After all!
I’ve allowed them to enter a headspace where no one,
But I!
Holds the key to my sanctity.
It’s about time I close and lock the door…

I’m never seen while high,
Just while low.
Crowding me the minute I desire to blow smoke,
Rising to the top of a sky where I find myself alone,
Even when I’m jumping for joy…
All you’d want at that point,
Is for someone to love you enough to join…

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