Closed Curtain

Going against the grain,
You must purify your mind,
To fly like a dove and,
Live a better life!
Is what I’m asking.
I’m found in another puzzle!
What are the chances?

More like Cons forming weak standards followed by the masses,
They don’t even know it!
Never do they notice,
How their thoughts are not their own in,
Societies like ours virtually preventing you from honing in on your potential.
More hours on the ‘Gram’ than smacking rappers right across their noses with a pencil
Drugs and a handful of styrofoam cups!
In place of a set of goals illusions won’t allow you to check through!

I think I now know how.
When you stay silent in your own corner after being so alone,
They always come back around so loud!
When witnessing the vision these eyes manifest with thee sound those clowns!
Everyday I was down on my luck…

Everyone who kicks you while you’re down really does listen to you.
There’s a reason they keep stomping and kicking!
Whenever you’re talking and spitting out truth already written on stone withholding our doom.
With a mind finding it too outrageous to be true,
How else can they tune out PSAs they will never hear on the news?
Read inside of a book in our schools?
In touch with HOV,
Only when it’s Jay-Z inside of a studio booth!

My alembic device distilling my life of negative vices so divisive,
Anytime I yearn to intertwine with the most high in,
A city devoured by Vanity,
Lies and,
Meaningless comments…
My means to go against a grain that will never sprout life as long as,
We water it with tears caused by others defining your character by what you were not meant to be…

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