Echoez Of Silence

Echoes of Silence vibrate peace all throughout my ailing body.
A body deteriorating the more I break apart buds that haven’t been so friendly,
Neither are they sorry.
Not a single apology!
For leaving me clouded at the end of my days.
Buds too busy ignoring every word that I say…

I’ve just,
Known them for so long,
You know?
Everytime I try to break away,
They scream while pleading,
“Please stay.
We would hate to see you go!”
Like an idiot,
I sit back down next to them and utter,
It’s the last time and I’m serious!”…

Repetitive dialogues so hard to change with no one around,
While waking up every morning to the sounds of animals hunting for their breakfast.
A pack of Wolves I fought so hard to abandon myself before my meaty head was left ripped apart!
For the fruits of life I’ve been blessed to eat when hungry for a difference…

A ‘difference’ is what I thought buds would give me.
Weed smoke forming clouds beneath my brittle feet,
Ready to send me off into a world where pain doesn’t exist.
A world where I am part of a family,
Joyous in all ways,
Rather than a clique of monsters scoping out food while deep in their trenches.
I am dropped off from such high altitudes,
Into a cage where I go toe to toe against each Demon whom used to dance across my shoulders…

Those echoes.
Those echoes of silence grab hold of every bone within a vessel I’ve vowed to make stronger.
Echoes of silence commencing as soon as my highs float away into lows where I’m grounded.
Reminded of my chance to choose peace over paranoia found in,
A joint burning away the very few smiles I’m blessed enough to ever experience…

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