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Sweetest Love I’ve Known

Could only imagine how it’s like indulging on herl love in all kinds of ways.
Not just sex,
Simply inside of her embrace.
How sweet it was,
Still making my heart race till this day.
It’s a race I don’t mind losing…

If it’s meant to be?
It’s meant to be.
I’ve purged so many tears in her name,
Breathing is much less difficult since I no longer drown within them.
A peace,
So dear to a mangled soul I’ve tried so hard to put back together…

Her memory still brings back the same smile from our time,
Once intertwined.
How can I hate someone who taught me how to love,
During all of those lonely nights I spent hoping God would end my life?

Even if my absence is what she’d prefer,
I appreciate her from a distance.
My only relationship,
Never am I sad or ashamed to admit it.
Knowing how angelic of a heart she carried,
I’m honored to say she’s been the only one to have had the gift of,
Her sweet love…

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