Shadowz Of Death

Lights dwindle as the Shadow enters my room while getting ready for bed,
Stoic in manner.
Alerting me of Its arrival by darkening my atmosphere with all kinds of nightmares…

“What does It want this time?”
I ask myself…
My recent success and riches?
My iron will for Commitment?
My eternal ambition to remain consistent with my word?
My dreams of,
Making this marred world a better place for my nieces and nephew?…

I’m so sick and tired of waking up early morning,
Just to see blood smeared on the concrete I walk on.
Hearing bombs detonate with viciousness,
Coercing smoke to ravage its way into my lungs.
No matter how innocent I may be in any act of War…
It knows I frown more often,
The more It blackens the sky with its permanent disdain for all that is joyous…

No matter how hard the Shadow tries.
How intelligent and cunning It moves,
Never does it notice the spare flashlight I keep,
Just incase of an outage.
A flashlight conjured in the form of Faith and Love,
Powered by God and all of Earth’s beauty,
Inside and out…

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