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The Boogeyman Is Tired

Quiet and observant!Is how one must be when you’re anything like me.Because,When you’re a man as lonely as I’ve been,Not only are you silenced,But!Deleted from society and its “toxic” environment,Where most spearhead a protest against those too vibrant!And,Alive in a city dead of hopes and dreams,Replaced by hope in dope and creeds misleading anyone with... Continue Reading →

Your Own Worst Enemy

Silence really is the answer when you're at War with yourself. You won't ever tug your way to victory! Instead, Trip & fall into a hotter Hell. Because, Who are you really fighting against whenever you close your eyes, And, Rewind time within a mind under a spell? A mind under the shelf? A mind... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #30 – Not A Monster

Can't stop thinking about what it's like to be the guy every woman throw themselves at with full force. A lonely, nerdy dude like me, formerly 300 pounds up until my junior year of college at Queens, isn't so fun to be when you yearn for someone's embrace. Sure, all the weight is gone, have... Continue Reading →

Echoez Of Silence

Echoes of Silence vibrate peace all throughout my ailing body. A body deteriorating the more I break apart buds that haven't been so friendly, And, Neither are they sorry. Not a single apology! For leaving me clouded at the end of my days. Buds too busy ignoring every word that I say... But, I've just,... Continue Reading →


At times, There are no words. Maybe a grin. Hints of laughter. But, Not a single wave of sound, Crashing through your ocean of tears. Silence is golden...

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