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The Boogeyman Is Tired

Quiet and observant!
Is how one must be when you’re anything like me.
When you’re a man as lonely as I’ve been,
Not only are you silenced,
Deleted from society and its “toxic” environment,
Where most spearhead a protest against those too vibrant!
Alive in a city dead of hopes and dreams,
Replaced by hope in dope and creeds misleading anyone with an eye for,
The type of green that’ll have your ass grassed!

Just like that.
In the snap (snaps finger) of a finger,
Will you find yourself staring in a mirror,
Bitter over what you’ve become the more you consider!
Death as an option to solve your problems along with a need to palm a blunt,
A cup full of sweet thoughts acting like the cane that holds you up,
Whether in the form of rum!
One you need to walk with after years and years of getting scuffed,
By the curb you fall on,

You are all because you couldn’t quit talking about thoughts in,
A mind full of memories of family and friends who walked away from you.
Those placing promises in the middle of a table you’re no longer able to eat on in a world where no one’s saving you!
Go ahead and keep waiting.
You are staying planted even if you stain the roots of your pain with,
Blood dripping from every crack of your broken heart while slumped on a pavement… Ain’t it sad?
How we convolute ourselves hoping what we think is concrete will stick to our side forever.
I thought the same until I had received eviction notices around Christmas and a Birthday I don’t celebrate for better,
Rather than for worse ever since then.
At times,
Your present ties won’t let you breathe as they break a rib and feed off of what makes you hot with every kick when,
Their envy over all of your God-given gifts impress those surrounding them.
Attention is a hell of a drug,
And most are addicted enough to pretend…

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