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Dreamin’ On Snake Way

It slips away from your mind when you’re addicted while lonely and stressed.
No longer is it in your grasp until you let go of what burns in your soul to no end.
Crisped insidiously by a joint lit by the pain in my chest!
It’s time for a new story to be authored while repenting for each sin I’ve swept,
Underneath a rug no one is allowed to step on…

It’s what I need when I don’t feel like daydreaming.
The many demons that surround me?
Wouldn’t let my eyes close without pain leaking through each corner.
With every drop in sync,
I step to the rhythm splashing just in time as I get warmer,
Reaching for a goal most failed to come by…

I am not ashamed that I hop the train,
While starving for a silver dollar plate!
Rarely anyone would give unless I gave what most craved for.
That “green” everybody needs in a city desperate to gain more,
Money I kept using up for cannabis and games I forced myself to buy.
The only “friends” I had!
Mary Jane and Link chained to my mind…

Regardless of any idea I thought of,
There was nothing I could find that would justify my attachment to either.
Breaking the chains is what had to be done if I were to climb higher,
And higher!
Growing tired of seeing myself as the latter option within my own eyes,
Serving God and Christ was my answer instead of my wish to die first!
Amongst everyone I’ve ever known as a message to them.
A message all of us have received at least once!
To leave ’em on read…

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