Just, Pray

Kind of feels like Human love in this day & age is artificially flavored just like a big ole’ sugary packet of Sourpatch Kids, doesn’t it?
A concrete jungle where every step is bittersweet as you witness one tragedy after another.

Whether it be a Pigeon who had lost its legs, no longer able to fly, dying right as you walk past. Or, making a wrong turn into a crime scene on 176th street and Audubon Avenue, 12am, accidentally leaving footprints on a fresh puddle of blood spread out pretty far.
Or! Just trotting through Broadway while the sun shines its brightest, only to witness a homeless man passed out while sitting up on a half-torn futon, with a Coors Banquet resting on the side along one big drool from the left corner of his mouth. Love feels like it took a vacation inside of a different dimension most will never get to see…

But, when stepping back into my bunker of pain and Poetry, I digress into clouds of Marijuana smoke lifting me into thoughts I wish were true. Like, seeing more people hug rather than argue when approaching your neighborhood deli. Like, smelling roses, lavender and jasmine instead of booze, rotting vomit and gallons of alcohol-infested piss viciously attacking my poor nostrils…

Because, with two shoulders that can only withstand so much weight, you can’t take on all of Earth’s problems. You can’t turn someone’s life around with your bare hands. You can’t open someone’s heart and pour a gigantic bucket of Love down into each ventricle. All you can really do is, pray and be a good person. Maybe, the more others see your glittering smile, one will eventually form on theirs. Maybe, the more you love someone unconditionally, the more probable for them to find love within themselves…

*Side Note*: Just a message to the world. I love you, you’re all beautiful, things will get better the more we unite. Always. God bless y’all 💜😊🙏

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