Gimme’ Some Love

Giving seems easy,
Until your heart questions why you did so.
Was it for a return?
Was it out of love for whom you hold close?
We all know!
Whether or not we’re brave enough to admit we did it for fool’s Gold,
There’s a common goal we all try to reach…

Often left crumbled into pieces by pressure our ego seems to hide…

You need a couple hundred bucks?

Even if it’s all you have left,
Hoping that you get back in time…

“I’m sorry,
Chill man.
I don’t have a dime yet,
You don’t have to cut me out of your life-“

Another relationship to the sidelines over what you felt was indelible,
And indefensible,
When you should’ve said no!
Dealing with your own situation.
You feel like they’ve changed when,
All that changed was your ‘perception’ of them.
A mistake you could’ve owned up to,
Now regret…

Did it to yourself with nothing to give!
We’re human.
Carrying desires most are consumed in.
For some,
More than Gold,
More so a night full of all kinds of movement.
The way She masked affection with lust just to get from me what she could not,
From other men She deemed useless.
Making love,
Only time she can ‘come’!
Back to a state of relaxation with her wine and blunt,
Right after…
Kind of like me,
Every time I found wine and a blunt as my escape from disaster,
Rather than the open arms I denied…

Hidden tragedies and intentions that makes giving harder than what it needs to be.
Who are we to blame anyone?
You get what’s given and keep what you want by giving it back!
It’s clear why many run,
From such simple truth difficult to digest.
How we control everything we receive,
Through love and hate we hand out.
I digress.
If you ever wonder why something’s done to you,
Look at what you’ve done to them…

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