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Club Nightz

Turning up in a hood where everyone is having lows,
I fold my hands away from those playing their cards in a certain way.
Hanging out with those at the corner will keep you cornered and you won’t even know it throughout Night and Day!

Burning through a joint while sipping a cup full of rum,
Sounds fun!
There’s no one to baby me after getting pitch-black Drunk,
On a floor where I dance with my demons…

With every time reality hit me over the head when looking to flow,
I figured out why we really call it a “club!”
Walking around dazed while blazed by smoke,
Creating a shade most fade behind so,
Long as they wave and wave on rocks!
Floating away to a silent death…
A death I’ve already been reborn from by,
Putting the party my demons have thrown to rest…

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