Human Love

I miss human connection, How healing it is to hug. How revealing it is to love. How contagious laughter always was, Just... Until life became a pandemic...

Just, Pray

Kind of feels like Human love in this day & age is artificially flavored just like a big ole' sugary packet of Sourpatch Kids, doesn't it? A concrete jungle where every step is bittersweet as you witness one tragedy after another. Whether it be a Pigeon who had lost its legs, no longer able to... Continue Reading →

When Hadez Left Cerberuz

Both wrists were grabbed as I was convinced to enter a circle I would never want to leave. All I knew were slaps on the wrists while held back from a chance to live and be me. Walked to Butler Hall as all I could do was wait and just see. What this escape was... Continue Reading →

If Death Had A Flag

The universe is quite dangerous.A realm of reality where the blind have a voice,While those with sight decide on silence as if there wasn't a choice.But,What does it matter?What I see,As I'm looking for a bed to sleep in,The rest?Lay asleep.Investing in Iphones suiting their ignorance well...Too busy snapping a portrait,With poor traits.As they forfeit... Continue Reading →

God’s Son

Life begins, Then, It ends. For better or for worse no matter what you represent. Either sprite bottles full of medicine, Blunts and other sedatives, Or, All the conscious messages, You're spreading in a world divided... At least in mine. Bliss, I used to find. In, All of my well-suited ties. Until I found myself... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Suicidez

Ever wake from a nightmare and forget who you were in the first place? Mind so blank while you second all the voices compelling you to immerse Pain, Into every single nerve urging you to write an escape? As a writer not afraid! To reveal his wounds and drown the masses in Blood dripping from... Continue Reading →

Hot Seatz

Everything comes to an end. So, I'll keep flicking my wrist. Cooking up crack on a page and passing the Tests. Of life. Presented to me by the Crest I dearly look up to... All I want is Youth to be high, On all of the warmth provided by light... How it can't ever be... Continue Reading →

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