Hot Seatz

Everything comes to an end.
I’ll keep flicking my wrist.
Cooking up crack on a page and passing the Tests.
Of life.
Presented to me by the Crest I dearly look up to…

All I want is Youth to be high,
On all of the warmth provided by light…
How it can’t ever be seen if you’re not in the dark,
Putting up a fight until the end of Time…

I mean,
Let a demon slap me,
Let a demon trap me,
I’m rising from the curb no matter what tears in my eyes are splashing,
Down on concrete…
Like weeds growing through the cracks of any pavement,
I rise high regardless of my situation,
And let God speak…
Hard-headed in so many ways,
I let the light shine on me.
Even if it rains,
I’m only showering myself with smiles in a heart where I lock heaps,
Of memories where I sing and dance with a hot sheet of paper until I’m back on the Hot Seat…

The Hot Seat where I’m spotlighted.
Spotlighted on a stage where I drop lines and,
Let the Lion loose on the masses.
With truths through punchlines that’ll have you gasping for breath,
Even if I’m not violent…
I’m only trying to heal,
While hoping someone watches.
To relate,
If we’re feeling the same way,
In hopes they also stop crying…

We all want make an impact through periods of crisis.
Fail to look within ourselves to fix the darkness in our eyes as,
We just expect to keep shining,
When all we want is some more time with,
Our beloved.
Hugging to rejoice with what was once our nature.
To love…

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