The “Boyz” Are Watching

The Boys are watching…
Sirens at the highest volume as they’re clocking in for quotas through our products.
Pistols cocking with machetes locking in on every neck to slice through the problem.
There’s a war going on in a concrete jungle where the Monsters pop up,
In all the dark corners you have walked across from…

The Boys are watching…
From Alexander avenue,
To that of which we call broadway where you can hear the devil laughin’,
Making us act a fool,
While we stage the happiness we front when we’re really packin’ tools,
To fix the grin of anyone who stabbed you in the back and whom-,
Ever thinks they’re invincible,
That’s why I rather pack a room…

Might as well give them something to watch!
Flicking the wrist when I rock,
Bars on the floor where I’m filling my pot,
Of Gold,
With more,
And I dare them to do something about it!
I’m clouded…
Then crawling,
Shooting my shot with a lyrical prowess,
Given to me by the powers that be,
No matter who doubts it…

I’ve of been blue for most of my life.
My pursuit of happiness was toward a dime,
Out of spite,
Since I couldn’t have mine.
Others began to think they can police my moves,
I got them locked in the lines,
The bars that I write when I’m kicking a rhyme,
Reaching my goals while I’m still in my prime.
Not enough time to give anyone a second,
Going one on one against,
A Devil I’m beating to death in my head as I leave him beheaded and shine…

You thought I was talking about the,
Boys in blue,
When I never been locked up.
I’m talking about the,
Glaring truth,
I’m releasing and pop up.
On everybody who doubted me…

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