The “Boyz” Are Watching

The Boys are watching...Sirens at the highest volume as they're clocking in for quotas through our products.Pistols cocking with machetes locking in on every neck to slice through the problem.There's a war going on in a concrete jungle where the Monsters pop up,In all the dark corners you have walked across from...The Boys are watching...From... Continue Reading →

Boyz In The Hood

Sleep. Not a state where our bodies are inert, But, More so a way for us to know more than the 'curb'... And, Kids like me? Usually sleep walk through a Street life so prevalent in the lives of the Urban. Sifting through so many messages as they go on a search with, Fully loaded... Continue Reading →

Monsterz In The Flesh

Defeated?... Never the case. What reason? To get up and pray? To get on a stage, And leave them in pain? A weekend... Away from the deep end, While staying right on shore, Getting my feet wet... And reject, All the cynical demons, Resting soundly on my shoulders while I try my best to repent...... Continue Reading →

Disciple Of The Word

My style will leave you augmented. Off lyrics. I'm a boss livin livid,. With a coffin in the ground for any rapper with a bar trying to scrimmage. Ima ball, Leave you winded, When I cross and leave you injured. Get you clawed on the block, Like Kawhi Leonard. Call your girl up, Get her,... Continue Reading →

Kissed By The Devil

Seductive like the devil's kiss. The nightmare every man wants to have. Her glare, A ray of bliss... Until her make-up drips, And drips back onto the bathroom sink after each swipe. Scars reveal. Wounds, Bright red, Bleeding out the Ugly she refused to confront and deal... They say Satan has the brightest smile, And... Continue Reading →

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