The Hood Phoenix

I know my worth.
I’m the rose rising from the concrete on an Earth.
God made flowing all throughout a Universe.
Made of four primary elements as we disperse.
Reason why we’re different even if we’re similar like the dirt.
That grows all fruit and vegetables we feed on to survive before we’re cursed.
By the Kiss of Death…
I am a Bronx child born through suspense.
Labeled a mistake as I adopt my parents’ sins in order to repent.
Vicious circles I’ve escaped merely through a pen.
Predicting every moment of happiness and success,
Until the very last second it will all end…

Things weren’t always that way.
Being confident in my ability to heal my body from this pain,
Of losing myself in the grips of a woman scorned who was laced,
With the image of Mary Jane,
When her true character went up in smoke as my old flame…

I’m fly without getting high.
I’m learning that nothing matters in a life,
That only becomes real whenever I open my eyes.
From a slumber I almost forced on myself out of spite…
I just want to be at peace,
Not in pieces.
Rather leave bits of myself on a page with good reason.
We all get puzzled at some point,
And don’t have a choice but to solve it instead of leaving,
The problem at hand…

No longer scared.
No longer shall I beware.
Only God is to be feared.
No pun intended,
I’m on a mission to terrorize this business.
Show the world everything they’ve been missing.
No more silence.
Hurting us as we grip the Gun with a vision.
Dipping into barrels when you’re fucked up in the head
Covered in red,
While you’re feeling blue.
In this great schism.
Where we’re distant,
From East to West,
North to South,
Over bouts with thoughts of how we put each other under imprisonment…
I don’t know about you,
I rather be quiet while shooting shots as I’m fitted with,
A pen in my palm to cap off the future I envision in,
A country that said I wouldn’t be shit in the classrooms I was sitting in…

I mean,
What can possibly stop me when I’m praying to God and thee,
Universe keeping me alive through a sun blocking me,
From being burnt by a block hot with keys,
Opening the door to the darkest room in our minds through a high,
More like a vice grip prompting each,
Other to get drunk,
Smoke bud,
And not give a fuck…
Doesn’t matter the obstacle,
I’m breaking my demon’s neck regardless of what funk,
I’ve been stuck in while spinning records rapping about the love,
I wish I had in a world burning down by the lust.
The wrath.
The sloth,
Gluttony and greed while we flash,
Our sin inside a diamond we envy others for while we try to stack,
Another rack over pride of having more than the next…

The Phoenix reborn in a world that never left.
I write another poem until the day of my death.
It’s all that I know,
If you try to take it away from me,
Your casket is what I manifest.
So many faces and names I’ve written in a black book,
Death notes for anyone who tries to test.
A monster born through a cloud of darkness as an angel in the flesh…
We all carry horns on our heads at the end of it all,
I’m just not ashamed of all the flaws most detest…
As a human crying when nobody’s looking,
Only trying to do his best…

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