The Hood Phoenix

I know my worth. I'm the rose rising from the concrete on an Earth. God made flowing all throughout a Universe. Made of four primary elements as we disperse. Reason why we're different even if we're similar like the dirt. That grows all fruit and vegetables we feed on to survive before we're cursed. By... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goodz

Damaged, Internally. While screaming out His name into the sky! Knowing He won't float down, From his cloud. Knowing I will never hear his voice correct my words again... But, Some way, Some how, I still feel heard. I still feel the presence of a loving man who vowed to lift me from the edge... Continue Reading →

The Quarantined

Drinks up! Isolation at it finest, While you think of... While you think of... While you think of... Another way out the cage you were built from, But, Old habits like to make their way back into the mind of a man gone mad. Pure in his ways when he splits you with a long... Continue Reading →

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