Lonely Robotz In The City

Robotics make us forget we’re humans full of emotions.
We ignore them and cast out anyone who’s wearing them for the moment.
Today’s fashion is of an odd kind most of the world follows.
Where grams of instant illusions matter more than what is seen on the outside,
With “Self-Love” as the motto!
Even if most resent who they stare at when facing a mirror just to wallow in their misery,
As long as it shines bright…

A state of mind where in hindsight,
Jewelery alleviates any kind of darkness as long as they’re tied tight,
For a mugshot that won’t snap the chains on their necks and wrists…

Who am I to say anything when I feel a bit ‘robotic’ myself lately?
No one to speak to.
A ‘Nobody’ others felt the need to abandon.
All I do is read through,
Poetry until I have a poem in my hand,
I try my best to recreate the same kind of peace I had when,
I was surrounded by others who seemed to love me…

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