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Love? Or, Luv?


So powerful,
Dumb decisions are made with a smile.
Going back into soft arms that once crushed a heart you worked so hard to keep from breaking.
As if that tear straight down its middle never happened.
As if it’s impossible for them to repeat the same actions.
Whether their demons influenced them to cheat!
Ignore the cuts,
Gashes they’ve inflicted on your back…


So powerful,
It can reveal who you must let go from your hands.
As a lesson most refuse to learn until they’re crushed!,
By the turbulent grips of Lust disguised as passionate love I’ve come!
To understand.
Much better anytime I pray more than I complain…


So powerful.
It shines its brightest light in the face of those demons on our shoulders.
Bringing us back to God anytime life feels like its,

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