The Interlude: His Cure (Part 2 of The Prelude!)

I’ll sit down and speak for the moment.
And address every farce I yearn to atone for.
Rather be accountable,
Check myself and never bounce back into what had closed most doors for me…”

I’m glad!
Let’s just relax!
Have a glass.
On the rocks.
Like you’ve always had it.
Please excuse me while I begin pouring-

You’re fine.
There’s a few striking details I have changed to my story.
I’ll pass on illusions I grew tired of mourning.
This room is stuffy with your bittersweet stench of good ole’ sarcasm!
It bores me…”

You caught me,
I guess.
With relapse,
After relapse,
And more relapses along small dashes of insecurities you failed to confront for so long,
I had to test you.
Exam your energy before carrying on-

Perfect example as to why I stay away from people.
Two sides to every story,
Yet there’s only one side most choose to read through!
Being the man that I am,
I will happily silence myself from addressing that and,
Answer any questions you have…”

Quite surprised I am!
Nice to see you’ve gradually grown-

By now,
Everyone thought I’d be gone into unknowns only the dead would know!
I’m still here-“

You continue interrupting me like before and steer the conversation to what you want to hear!

“I’d beg to differ.
More so,
I’m in control of a set of wheels I replaced with a pair that’ll tire any fool attempting to chase after my sanity.
A saving that filled me with a sense of change rather than staying stagnant!
It’s different this time.
No more getting out of line,
Any time I ride off track in these freak-outs I’ve been having.
Both know you haven’t been there that much.
Even tried knocking on your door,
I was sh*t out of luck!
Patient I became and just.
Tried to remember everything I once loved without any of your help…”


Damn it…”

Let’s not get hasty and tussle with words.
Since we’ve been out of touch…
Grab my hand so that we can reconnect and deal with all of this,
Tough love!

I don’t know.
Are you going to let me go like last time?
Our previous encounter makes me hesitant,
Stop playing games!
Tell me what your message is!
Don’t you feel the aches!?
With all the crackling pain radiating from my bones through my flesh and lips,
Wincing just because I leaned a little left as it,
Mangles my spine for the day until I can’t walk for the rest of it,
I don’t want to waste what’s left on my clock-“

I get it.
Take a second to breathe before you further the physical and emotional trauma you’ve clearly endured.
While I explain,
Keep in mind that all I was looking for was,
The ‘Cure…’

What was that cure?…”

To be continued…

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