Goody Two-Shoes

For so long,
I’ve spoken with Devils while sleeping with angels.
Listening to Bone Thugs,
Sitting in my crib while crushing some bud,
As I crashed into my bed through a funk feeling fatal.
Slowed down by the tone of a Monster trying to cradle,
His own sanity!
As close as it can,
While I wrote down fables.
Now turned into,
Stories of a life saved by a God who stapled my feet,
To the ground,
With Victory!…

What else is meant for me,
Now that my refusal of debauchery is concrete?
As I find myself alone,
On a road with no one in my way while I hear God speak?
Words being shone to light up every room I enter through a plot we,
Both sat down and discussed together…

No other kind of life to yearn for,
Is there?
Tried living through so many lifestyles,
Only sobriety & prayer fills me with joy rather than confusion & despair…

Slicing my skin open hoping my Sorrow would pour out,
Allowed demons into an abyss where,
My true self was trapped inside of,
Freezing cold…
Saw that my,
Cheers under liquor & beers were cries for help along with prolonged toasts,
Each time a drink burnt my throat…
Couldn’t see that I was blind,
Until the marijuana smoke cleared from a set of eyes!
Soaked by all kinds of bloody horror they were coerced to witness…

The answer is,
Even if ridiculed as a goody two-shoes!
Love & kindness are why I kick rhymes as hard as I do to,
Keep myself in line before I go koo-koo just,
Puff-puff passing my life away.
Roughed up grasping a light and J,
With some cups splashing as I would lay,
Drowning in tears that now release when I smile while giving thanks to the sky as each,
Star reminds me how they illuminate no matter how dark it can be…

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