Intertwined By Destiny

Wind flows subtly around a man with rugged shoulders weighed down by the world’s hidden energies.
A bittersweet synergy between the worry in his heart flying all around light,
Found through an abundance of love.
When entering a room,
Each creek coming from the door’s hinges reflect all emotions waving up and down their sleeves.
He can’t help but feel each crack pulsating through his spine,
Already curved by each knife stabbed into his back for choosing different fashions of life…

Ways of life where anger and jealousy is never worn as a response to the shine of a star,
Which we all are.
You can understand why most look down upon the way he may fit words together in a bar,
Examining how spaced out everyone seems to be as one clears the unlawful smoke from a far.
When you put things to a close,
Can you blame someone that chose to plan it differently,
After feeling like an outcast when shoe-ins at everyone’s party left them outside by the car?…

He can see the disdain glaring down from everyone’s eyes as they lightly grin.
He can feel them yearning for my permanent constriction as they hug him firmly.
He can vividly sense their disintegrating hope within every handshake he involuntarily partakes in.
As much as he wants to run away.
So far away from such a land desolate of faith,
He sticks by.
He sticks by because,
Not much matters more than helping the ones you love see change…

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