Sorry For Hurting You, Too

So blessed to have recognized my weaknesses.
All the disdain I’ve breathed in,
Manifested into drinks,
Smoke and hazing as I laid defeated in,
A state of mind where I criticized others for no good reason,
During pivotal moments I should’ve stared into my mirror,
Glaring at my demons…

At times,
I may feel a slight disdain for others over the evils witnessed daily.
Whether it be walking past New York City concrete stained with blood while working in Washington Heights,
Audubon Avenue.
A Boy,
Trapped within a man’s body,
Striking the wrinkled cheeks of an elderly woman in order to steal her purse.
My heart becomes devoured by an endless Flame of Enmity hoping to burn the weeds of Humanity…
A wish to put an end to every ounce of heinous thought within everyone’s hearts…

I put out my Flame any time I begin isolation,
Understanding how I’ve pierced through another’s sanity because of my own misdeeds.
Asking myself,
How would I have known what’s righteous?
If I didn’t fumble my own peace,
Trip and land on someone’s happiness?
All I really know is,
Never did I realize my wrong doings until they put tears in the eyes of another just,
Looking for the same kind of answers I am…

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