Sweet Dreamz

The other night,
I had the pleasure of holding her.
How dreamy,
She is.
I can’t help but lay her on my chest,
While my lips caress her cheeks for a bit.
My favorite part about her…

Staring into the clouds past twilight,
As quiet as the calm before a storm,
On a central park bench around 105th street,
I realized who I truly wanted to marry.
As goosebumps surged all through my arms,
I instantly knew how I was the luckiest man on Earth.
Not too many have the blessing of being in the presence of their soulmate…

Walking her over to my favorite garden,
My Eden in our jungles of New York City,
I remind her how she makes me blush redder than a rose can ever be.
Whenever my lungs lack oxygen,
“You breathe life back into me…”

Her gaze,
Entrancing me inside a set of pupils I can see the Universe inside of,
I reach over to her lips,
Just enough until she couldn’t resist to kiss mine back…

Then the worst happens.
I wake,
In the middle of the night,
Hugging on to pillows so tired of these nightmares coated with the sweetest sugar…

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