As Tough As Callus

Such a bumpy landscape as He scans the panoramic view he was blessed to witness for the moment.
A picture glowing as bright as sunshine His pupils have happily captured.
All he could think about for the moment was,
“Can I really climb over this one?”

He continues on with the day and grins while he still can.
Joyous throughout every mammoth he must scale past,
Regardless of how colossal it is.
Laughing off its size like,
I always wanted muscles like Goku, Mastered Ultra Instinct style,
Ha ha!”

Reality does hit during the darkest period of his night.
Like a draconian strike of lightening viciously slapping against his brittle chest,
More so his left hip.
A sting of pain coming from the only bump he hasn’t been able to see.
The kind of bump only a doctor can snap an image of…

Because it isn’t visible to his own eyes,
Does he cower in defeat or everlasting sorrow?
It’s tough.
Not tougher than my ridiculous amount of callus!”
He’ll say,
As he continues the fight until victory is reached…

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