Just A Thought 2: No Doubtz

What am I doing?
Is the question that I keep moving through a mind I can only sooth with a drink on most nights.
Before I’m too far gone,
I March on,
With this talent I was given at Birth.
A Death I was blessed to go through so that I can surf,
On a cloud,
In a sky till I make it off Earth when I elevate every line,
Pull away from each lie playing tricks in front of my eyes…

Vision’s already blurry when I’m looking from a far.
Don’t need another menace to make it worse
All of these beers already are…
It’s not like I have any friends for me to cope.
All I have is a handful of shots,
Looking through the scope,
Of an Author…

Been trying to write my story just a bit different.
Getting rid of family who could care less for a man they envision,
As a broke bum when ‘They’ look at their own reflections…
When I’m looking in the mirror,
What I see is a picture,
Of a King,
Of a Victor!
Rising from a Battlefield I’m surviving,
By surrounding others with a vibe from a real spitter…

Honesty and truth you wouldn’t get from many people,
Nobody cared when I was broke without a roof to my name.
They only came to see me any time I had a lot of shit to say.
Even though my life was in crisis while bleeding on a stage,
With the only woman who was there for me before I made her run away…
I guess she left until I chose to drive on the right lane…

Fuck metaphors when you’re crying in the inside.
Questioning if love still exists while I get high.
Searching in sky for another way to get fly…
Regardless of how plain I can be…

Sweats and a black T.
Not a single piece of jewelery,
Nor a lens flashing back at me
Rather look into the ones on my face,
Through my glasses,
And keep my dirty past,
Past me!…

Never said I was perfect,
That’s for God to be….
I just know I got to Be the person that I want to see,
Rehearsing each poem I had written each moment everyone doubted me….

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