Rainbowz (Revision)

How is it possible to react with Love,
Since I’ve known Anger for much longer?
An emotion esurient in nature,
Coercing my mind to wear it like a badge of honor.
In blunt fashion,
Persuading my hands to cap off my night with Marijuana smoke and offer,
My Demons,
A hit or two,
As I tip my hat towards God…

With open eyes,
Rise with usually one thing in mind.
As I second-guess my worth and how much I deserve to see such sight.
A ‘thank you’ to the Lord for allowing a sinner like myself to keep reaching for the sky.
A storm strikes every wall of my conscious until I feel only ‘slumber’ can suffice,
My hunger for a better life,
As each wall crumbles from side to side…

Instead of going to sleep,
You’ll see me making another trip,
To buy another drink,
Another bag of weed.
For another chance to be,
Higher than I’ve ever dreamed…

Made a habit of wrapping a tree and grabbing a drink as a reaction to things.
Not a single time was I happy to reach,
For Insanity packed in a bottle we cling…

This time around?
I rise with both closed.
And imagine a dream where Reality sinks into my soul,
With a smile I’ve grown to know,
More than all the hate that goes to show,
How envious one can be when they see you ‘go for broke’.
Inside an Abyss you’ve decorated with light bulbs,
Coming in many colors…

For a Sky so sunny and stunning.
For the grass and trees I’m blithely hugging.
For apples I eat from branches weighing themselves down for me,
Any time I’m hungry.
For Sunshine shining upon my potential,
Rather than a bag full of dirty money…

Just my Universe with a Rainbow stretching across countless galaxies.
As far as rain goes,
It showers my soil until my face grows,
A grin regardless of any turmoil…

May have known Anger for what seems like an Eternity,
Anytime it leaves me breathless
Love overpowers any kind of Hatred and Adversity,
If you’re keen to let it…

Doesn’t matter who abandons you nor left you outside of their rendezvous,
If it never was a part of your speech.
It doesn’t matter who silenced you anytime you’ve had a lot of truth to speak.
What matters is how you approach every fool,
Face to face!
When you’re tired of their lies,
Hate and deceit!
Same way I rose one day and gave a prayer to a family that wanted me to sleep on the street while I weep,
Or a grave meant for me!
Since the moment I’ve chosen to change at the cost of what they wanted me to Be!
Knowing damn well It’s my responsibility,
To pick up my pen and write my own fucking story…

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